7.5 Oversharing

7.5 Oversharing


PLAT 7.5 Oversharing

For the first time, this .5 issue of PLAT is presented digitally on our website for free. See below for links to individual pieces.

A promotional risograph poster advertises the issue. It was printed in New Orleans by Erik Kiesewetter of Constance. The poster is double-sided and measures approximately 16.5” x 10.5”.

Use this page to purchase a copy of the promotional poster. All of the content can be found at the links below or using the Articles section of the website.

Oversharing: A Transitional Manifesto

Conversations with: Kenneth Frampton, Peggy Deamer, Jack Self, John Alschuler, and Tom Emerson

Interviews with: Mario Ballesteros, Michelle Chang, Reto Geiser, Elizabeth Krasner, Ryan Scavnicky, and Francis Aguillard & Sam Schuermann

Editors-in-Chief: Jack Murphy & Tiffany Xu

Managing Editor: Matthew Ragazzo

Graphic Design: Pauline Chen

Transcription: Harish Krishnamoorthy, Dani Latif, Carrie Li, Mai Okimoto, Claire Wagner, Haiming Wang, and Susanna Yan

Published February 2019.

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