0.5 On the Ground

0.5 On the Ground


The inaugural issue of PLAT sets out to establish a publication that could be at once rigorous and loose. As a platform for the students of Rice University, PLAT 0.5 is a recombination of work 'from the margins' of architectural projects, born from a desire to crystallize salient but often forgotten moments in our lives and labors as architecture students. The title was chosen for its implications of framing a territory: to plat a neighborhood is a common practice even today in the vast spaces of Texas. To us this was fascinating.

With contributions by: Jessica Cronstein, Alberto Govela, David Dewane, R. Elliot Katz, Curt Gambetta, Ned Dodington, Francois Roche, Melissa McDonnell, Neyran Turan, Annika Miller, Rachel Dewane, Jessica Tankard, Sam Ray Jacobson, & Lars Lerup.

Published Spring 2010.

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