1.5 Mind the Gap

1.5 Mind the Gap


The essays, projects, and interviews collected in PLAT 1.5 comprise the first volume of a two-part investigation into the current state of architectural representation. In this issue we explore this territory in an effort to uncover new insights into the relationship between technology and design processes. The evolution of our tools and techniques changes not only how we draw, but what we draw, and this impact demands critical assessment. As designers, how do we engage these developments? How can we take advantage of these contemporary reconfigurations, and to what degree should we remain suspicious?

Editors-in-Chief: Joseph Scherer & Eileen Witte

Managing Editor: Erin Baer

With contributions from Curime Batliner, Brandon Clifford, Alex Cornelius, Eunike, Victoria Goldstein, Jared Haggens, Lindsay Howe, Dustin Tobias, Garrett Jones, Brandon Kruysman, Wei-Han Vivian Lee, Rodrigo Lima, CJ MacQuarrie, Michael Maltzan, John J. May, Mathias Neuman, Antoine Picon, Jonathan Proto, Dimitrie Ştefanescu, James Michael Tate, Jana VanderGoot, Michael Vlasopolous, & Louie Weiss.

Published Fall 2011.

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