1.0 Impostor

1.0 Impostor


Through essays, projects, drawings and interviews PLAT 1.0 interrogates notions real and fake, tracing the impostor through its manifestations from character to practice. What is it about the character of the impostor that applies to architecture, both in practice and form? Behind the impostor's artful disguise is a space of innovation. The elegant crimes of the impostor can serve as provocations for architecture, moving the discipline beyond the boundaries of convention. PLAT 1.0 invites you to stop worrying and learn to love the impostor.

Editors-in-Chief: Seanna Walsh & Marti Gottsch

Managing Editor: Edward Baer

With contributions from Seanna Walsh, Marti Gottsch, Edward Baer, Giorgio Angelini, Mary Ellen Carroll, Justin Smith, Penelope Boyer, Dustin Tobias, Shota Ishii, Margaret Maile Petty, Kate Morgan, Dustin Valen, Sara Hieb, Tracy Bremer, Justin Brammer, Albert Pope, Troy Schaum, Moira Henry, Kyle Miller, Jack Brough, Jessie Cronstein, & Matthew Austin.

Published Fall 2010.

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