2.0 If You See Something, Say Something

2.0 If You See Something, Say Something


PLAT 2.0 illuminates the cultural, political, and social milieu in which architecture operates, as well as the agendas it pursues, through critical analysis and playful subversion of the potentials and limits of representation.

Editors-in-Chief: Joseph Scherer & Eileen Witte

Managing Editor: Erin Baer

With contributions from Jansen Aui, Michael Banman, Jonathan Crisman, Jessica Cronstein, David Dewane, Branden R. Engel, Stewart Hickes, Thomas Hiller, Andreas Kalpakci, Marcin Kedzior, Dimitri Kim, Michael Maltzan, Jonathan Massey, David Rinehart, Jessica Rossi-Mastracci, John J. May, Charlie Morris, Jack Murphy, Allison Newmeyer, Jeongsun Oh, Antione Picon, Noam Shoked, Carolyn Sponza, Jimmy Stamp, Alex Tehranian, James Witherspoon, & Robert Yuen.

Published Spring 2012.

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