3.0 Collective Disruption

3.0 Collective Disruption


In this issue we are not interested in extremity; rather, we have an interest in intensifying the instant. We derive agency from urgency. Rapid changes in topography, geography , and movement produce new territories for architecture, extending the potentials of the instant to make lasting change. The crisis event acts as a catalyst for an emergent future, but in fact, the tragedy or shock of architecture has been here all along.

Editors-in-Chief: Mary Casper & Chimaobi Izeogu

Managing Editor: Sean Billy Kizy

With contributions by: Matthieu Bain, Sam Biroscak, Jordan Carver, Michael Collins, Sean Corriel, Alexander D'Hooghe, Tucker Douglas, Vy Drouin-Le, Christina Gray, Brandon Hall, Kate Hayes, Fumio Hirakawa, Lisa Hirmer, Michael Hirschbichler, Eric Ho, Chris Holzwart, Christoph Ibele, Sean Billy Kizy, Charles Lai, Rick Lam, Brian Lee, Sofie Lemos, Evan Litvin, Sara Lum, Michael Matthews, Jared Edgar McKnight, Lea Oxenhandler, Julián Palacio, Andrew Perkins, Bryony Roberts, Curtis Roth, Matthew Seibert, Regina Teng, Marina Topunova, Dustin Valen, Brian Vargo, & Kathy Velikov.

Published Spring 2013.

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