3.5 Model Misbehavior

3.5 Model Misbehavior


PLAT 3.5 advocates for misbehavior. Foregrounding projects, essays, drawings, and interviews that lay the groundwork for a model of misbehavior, this issue exposes the potentials of playfully breaking the rules. These models, by operating within disciplinary structures while rethinking the accepted disciplinary conventions associated with them, illustrates how insiders can reconstruct our contexts into something simultaneously strange and familiar, and do so while laughing about it.

With contributions from Grant Alford, Jennifer Bonner, Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, Neil M. Denari, Eunike, Michael Ezban, Mark Faulkner, Jonathan Gayomali, Xaveer De Geyter, Dan Hesketh, Joshuah Howard, Rem Koolhaas, Éva Le Roi, Jonathan Louie, Jonathan Nadel, Ryan Ramirez, Charles Renfro, Lilit Ustayan, Enrique Walker, Duncan White, and Chi Zhang.

Published Fall 2013.

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