4.0 En Masse

4.0 En Masse


Architects take a curiously privileged stance in relation to mass culture: Architecture's engagement with the Vitruvian principles of commodity and delight are not without a theoretical backbone that elevates the discipline above its cultural context. Since modernism, however, architects have hesitated to effectively engage the broader cultural realities of their work's reception. With PLAT 4.0, we hope to chart a territory for architecture within mass culture—that endless cocktail hour where fashion, politics, cartoons, economy, and sitcoms mingle.

Editors-in-Chief: Sasha Plotnikova & Kerim Miskavi

Managing Editor: Patrick Daurio

With contributions from Joseph Altshuler, Pier Vittorio Aureli, McLain Clutter, Greg Corso, Cosmo Design Factory, David Dewane, John Habraken, Jordan Hicks, Lucía Jalón Oyarzun, Albert Pope, Joseph Scherer, Erin Ruhl, Pyline Tangsuvanich, De Peter Yi, and Anthony Yue.

Published Fall 2014.

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